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These two tractors are the latest projects for Spiegelberg Restoration and Service. The tractor on the left is a 1927 John Deere D. The tractor on the right is a 1948 John Deere AR.

1927 John Deere 'D'

This 1927 John Deere D is in nice condition considering its age. The tractor still runs, but needs some care given to it. Check back to see the progress of this tractor.

1948 John Deere 'AR'

This 1948 John Deere AR has been previously restored. It needed some sheet metal work and a tune up. The work on this tractor will be started after the 1927 D is completed.

1944 John Deere 'D'

Here is a completed restoration that we did on a 1944 John Deere 'D'. The restoration is as close to authentic as possible, without any reproduction parts. John Deere featured this restored model at its Columbus Branch 80th Anniversary Celebration and on its 1992 John Deere Calendar (see photo on our Home Page). This tractor was shown at local shows as well as the Two-Cylinder Club's EXPO II and EXPO III.

John Deere 'M'

This John Deere M is an example of a completed mechanical restoration. This tractor is used daily on a truck farm. The engine needed serious machine work and the steering needed to be repaired. The engine runs very well now and the steering is easy and doesn't bind anymore.

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