This is an early 1940's John Deere L. It is in nice shape. The engine has a rap that needs to be fixed. Also, a few small repairs are going to be done while the tractor is here. It is also going to get a paint job.
This is the L with the front sheet metal removed.
We are just about to lift the engine out of the frame.
This is a picture of the engine removed from the tractor.
This is the tractor without the engine in the frame.
The rear wheels have been removed. We are starting to clean the grease and dirt off of the frame.
The tires have been removed from the rims. The rims  have been sandblasted and primed.
The wheels have a fresh coat of paint.
Here is the frame and some of the other parts. They have been sandblasted and primed. They are now ready for a coat of paint.
The same as the above picture, but with a nice coat of paint.
The engine has been rebuilt.  We had to have the main bearing rebabbitted and line bored.
Ready to put the engine in the frame.
The engine is now itn the frame.
A similar picture as but with the radiator installed. The front hubcaps have also been put on.
The sheet metal is installed.
The finished tractor!
Another picture of the finished tractor.

Pictures of Other Tractors

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